AGA was founded as an integrated environmental management and services corporation to provide one-stop, turn-key environmental solutions to it’s clients.  As such,. AGA often is involved in the implementation of environmental management program oversight for properties in which its clients have a financial interest.  AGA has developed an approach to these efforts in which we work closely with the property owner/occupant so our findings can be beneficial to the parties conducting these efforts.  Our realistic, solution-based approaches to these efforts have helped to control implementation costs while ensuring thorough adherence to the goals and objectives of the effort.

AGA is also active in the ISO 14000 system of corporate environmental management standards for industry and investors.  Mr. Garte has participated with NSF International and the Environmental Management Interest Group on the development and refinement of the U.S. and North American Environmental Management Standards Document ISO TC207.  These national and international standards provide a benchmark for industry and investors to use as guidelines in developing and understanding programs and performance toward sustainable development which has been identified as key to economic growth and financial success into the 21st century.